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 Concrete Foundation (s):  The general rule for concrete foundation contractors is the colder the climate the deeper the foundation to defend against frost heave.  Conversely, in warm climates you can pour the foundation right on the finished grade, called a “slab on grade.”

Weather Permitting, most of the concrete foundations you’ll find in southern California are slab on grade.  Slab on grade foundations are formed and poured right on the finished grade.  When the concrete is poured it is poured all at once.  This is called a monolithic pour.  Slab on grade foundations are cheap to construct.  Less labor and equipment is needed because the contractor doesn’t have to do any extensive excavating or construction of basement walls.  Less material is used because the foundation is not being poured as deep.

After the contractor sets the forms for the foundation the grade is prepped.  Shallow footings are dug or the grade is finished so when concrete is poured the outer edges will be thicker then the middle of the foundation.  Next the contractor will lay the reinforcement steel and tie it in place.  Finally the concrete is poured and finished with the proper finishing techniques.

Weather is not the only factor that determines the type of foundation that is needed.  On uneven grades, like hillsides, the construction of a crawl space or raised foundation is unavoidable.  The size, use and location of the building will also determine the correct type of foundation needed.  Larger buildings, like high rises call for deeper footings, a thicker foundation and extra reinforcement to support the heavier load.  The need for below ground parking garages or basements will also call for an alternative foundation.

Concrete Pads:  A concrete pad often refers to a concrete slab that is made to support something other then a building.  There are endless uses for concrete pads.  Mobile homes, utility poles, RV parking, patios, spas are all loads that concrete pads will support.  Concrete pads are formed and poured very similarly to slab on grade foundations.  Depending on the size and weight of the load they will be bearing, the thickness, depth of the footings, and the need for steel reinforcement will vary.